Training Materials "Dare to be Creative" available!

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On the following link you will find training materials from Youth in Action project "Dare to be creative"! 

WoMentor will participate in "One Billion Rising" action

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Astrid Mats participated yesterday (7. Feb) in a Womens organisations meeting, who will be organising the action "One Billion Rising" here in Graz, Asutria !



On V-Day’s 15th Anniversary, 14 February 2013, we are inviting ONE BILLION women and those who love them to WALK OUT, DANCE, RISE UP, and DEMAND an end to this violence. ONE BILLION RISING will move the earth, activating women and men across every country. V-Day wants the world to see our collective strength, our numbers, our solidarity across borders.
What does ONE BILLION look like? On 14 February 2013, it will look like a REVOLUTION.


A global strike
An invitation to dance
A call to men and women to refuse to participate in the status quo until rape and rape culture ends
An act of solidarity, demonstrating to women the commonality of their struggles and their power in numbers
A refusal to accept violence against women and girls as a given
A new time and a new way of being

website :

Call for Participants for EVS mentorship training in Russia!

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Projectoffice for innovative social policy (Austria) and Movement “SFERA” (Russia) invites you to participate in 7-days advanced training course for EVS mentors “Dare to be creative” that will take place in Russia from 21-28 of April 2013. The aim of the training course is to encourage youth participation of youth from rural areas and disadvantaged background through EVS projects by encouraging EVS mentors and providing them a set of techniques to support EVS volunteer’s learning process and integration to the local community. We see youth participation as a driving force leading to democratic and inclusive society where EVS volunteers and EVS mentors play one of the key roles by bringing and sharing diverse experiences and moderating change transformation among local young people.


To understand the diversity of local context; expectations of the host organization and EVS volunteer;

To train the ability to see the development of EVS volunteer in perspective and to show him possible input to local community;

To discuss the Roles and tasks of EVS mentors in different countries and contexts;

To share about youth participation realities and to brainstorm on the role of EVS volunteer and mentor in social change and in supporting young people from rural areas and from disadvantage background;

To develop mentor’s competences needed to provide learning support to EVS volunteers;

To deepen understating of the key competences and Youthpass process;

To understand what is learning process and how to reflect on personal learning;

To identify potentials and dangers in EVS mentoring process;

To share possible tools and methods for EVS mentoring;

To find out creative approaches to mentorship;

To discuss the motivation aspects: what motivates us as mentors and how we can encourage volunteer;

To reflect on mentorship styles and approaches;

To discuss different levels of support for volunteers (before. during and after the project);

To reflect on Intercultural competences;


• The international travel costs are covered 70%, the specific maximum amounts per country
• Board, lodging, local transport, all materials and the content of the training course are covered 100%.
• There is however participation fee of EUR 60.
• You are in charge of arranging your own insurance for your travel and stay in Russia.
• Visa costs are not covered


February 10th 2013, please send the application form to the organisation in your country! 

List of organisations and countries: 

1. Project Office for innovative social policy  Austria - applicant & training

Web :
2. Movement SFERA Russia - host & training
3. Semper Avanti Poland
Web: www.semperavanti.,org
4. Egyesek Youth Association Hungary
6. Gruner Grashalm e.V. Germany
7. Biedrība “Jaunatne smaidam” Latvia
8. Zavod Voluntariat Slovenia
9. Support for Youth Development Romania
10. Council for Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency Macedonia
11. COCAT – International workcamp organizers of Catalonia Spain
12. Municipal Entrprise of Social Protection & Solidarity of the Municipality of Volos Greece
13. “MilleniuM” Training and Development Institute Moldova
14. Amber Initiatives UK

Final EVS meeting on 28. Jan 2013 in Romania

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The project, ,,Volunteering in learning Organizations and Communities" was  implemented within Youth in Action Programme, Action 2 - European Voluntary Service.

The project was implemented in partnership with The European Federation of Mentoring for Girls and Young Women (Austria), Amals Kommun / Europa Direkt Fyrbodal (Sweden) si Gaziantep Training and Youth Association (Turkey).  

A total number of four volunteers were involved out of which two with fewer opportunities. The EVS stages will take place in  Turkey, Austria and Sweden for a period of four months (1 st of august – 31 november 2012).

In Austria, the volunteer was Alina Vlasa. Gerlinde Hacker met with other Hosting organisations on 28th of February, 2013 for the final evaluation of the project. 

New year starts with good news!

posted Jan 7, 2013, 4:02 AM by Astrid Mats

Dear All,

Happy New Year to everyone! May it bring success and interesting challenges!

We start the year with a good news of another successful project
proposal . This time it is a Russian Partnership proposal "Dear to Be
Creative". You can find all the information on the website!

More information :

Also, European Youth Forum now successfully released a Mentoring
Guidebook where WoMentor was also a part.

More information:

If you have additional questions don´t hesitate to ask!

Kind Regards

Astrid Mats

European Federation of Mentoring for Girls and Women

Read about Astrid and Alina visiting local communities and promoting WoMentor

posted Nov 20, 2012, 4:59 AM by Astrid Mats

Meeting local organisations in Graz, Austria

Last 2 months have been really rich in this field as I have had in total 5 different meetings/events and loved everyone of the. I will give a short overview where I have been and what I have been up to :)

1. Wiki Grünanger Opening Festival 19.10

Definetly one of my favourite events in that month. This made me alive. Chaos , young people , communicating. Oh, that is living I tell you ...
I was there as a volunteer, helping Marina (youth worker there). So I was responsible to set things up and most of the times were making different coctails for youth and speaking with them .. in GERMAN.
"Sehr toll" (Very cool/fun) I would say about that :).Weather was perfect, I loved working together with Marina and youngsters were also very open to speak to me and ignore my bad German.

2. Meeting with Graz Youth Centers 25.10

This is something that happens just once in month and we really didn´t know what to expect so we just went there and see from the spot how it will go. I was so happy that we at least new the staff of the Girls Center and Wiki Grünanger we knew Marina. So there were about 35 people from youth field there. Everybody did their introduction (others in German and we in English). One participant was also from City Graz Department of Open Children and Youth Work. I loved the atmosphere there . Reminded me a lot of Estonian Youth workers meetings and suddenly I missed that feeling a lot. Meeting people from the same field and knowing these people already, talking with them and just having some laughs. Oeh , jes - I do miss doing practical Youth Work quite quite much. I cannot be all that I am when I cant work as a youth worker.

3. International evening in Girls Center Mafalda "Jam" 8.11

Me and Alina went there to cook international food with the girls and also just talk with the staff and youngsters and get to know them. For my surprise most of the girls spoke English. Many of them are not originally from Austria, but all of them could speak German. Alina was fortunate enough to find some girls who spoke Romanian - no estonian speakers for me unfortunatly :) The evening was really nice- food came out good and also girls where curious and openminded. So fun times :)
Moorapallid (Estonian)

Meat-Vegetable Salat (Romania)

 More information about Girls Center "Jam" :

4. Participating in LifeLong Learning information seminar 19.11

We went to a information seminar where they introduced LifeLong Learning programm and other possibilities- we were mostly interested in Grundvig learning partnership as we want to develop a project in that area. I have to say it was quite a challenge as it was in German and not with a easy vocabulary , so I have to admit I understood only 20 % of it. Fortunatly one part of it was also individual councelling and there we could speak English and communivate with the national agency coordinators directly.

More information about the Program:

5. Visiting Womens Healt Center "Frauengesuntheitszentrum" 20.11

We met Mag.a Veronika Graber , whose topics in center are Girls Healt in Styria and eating disorders, body norms and beauty ideals. We did a short presentation of our activities and EVS and she intriduced her work and the center. We also discussed future cooperation possibilities.

More information about them :

WoMentor EVS volunteers Alina and Astrid are visiting youth centers in Graz, Austria!

posted Nov 5, 2012, 4:10 AM by Astrid Mats

WoMentor EVS volunteers Astrid Mats and Cristina Alina Vlasa are meeting young girls in Jam Mädchenzentrum on 8th of Nov and in Wiki Jugendtreff Am Grünanger on 28th Nov to cook international food and intorduce EVS ! :) Well, we seem to have some active and busy volunteers here in Graz!!

WoMentor Newsletter October 2012

posted Oct 29, 2012, 3:20 AM by Astrid Mats   [ updated Oct 29, 2012, 4:06 AM ]

Dear Members of the European Federation of Mentoring for Girls and WoMentor 

There are a number of issues that the Federation Board is currently taking action on. We invite you to read more about our latest activities.

1. Recent projects and activities 
2. WE:MENTOR – past project
3. Future plans
4. General Assembly
Recent Projects and Activities 
Ongoing projects 

Gender equality through EVS
„ Duration: March 2012- March 2013 (12 months)
„ Host/Coordinating organization WoMentor (in Austria)
„ Sending organization : Öökull (Estonia)
„ The volunteer, Astrid Mats comes from Estonia. She is a Board Member of WoMentor since 2008.Her main focus is on PR and social media activities for the Federation. Writing project proposals, research, dissemination are just a small part of her daily work at the WoMentor headquarters in Graz. 

Volunteering in learning organizations and communities
„ Duration: August 2012- November 2012 (4 months)
„ Host organization WoMentor (in Austria)
„ Sending/Coordinating organization CENTRAS (Romania)
„ The volunteer, Alina Vlasa comes from Romania. She is a Board Member since July 2012.
Her daily activities at WoMentor includes writing project proposals, dissemination, research on issues such as gender equality, mentoring and other related topics. Her main focus is on EVS topic including here writing project proposals, partnership proposals, EVS applications. 

European Civil Contact Points
„ Duration: January 2013- December 2013 (12 months)
„ The project is a initiative funded by Europe for Citizens Programme.The goal of the project is to foster the development of a stimulating environment for increased citizen participation on the national and European level through improved citizen organizations' capacity and the establishment of effective civil society infrastructures.The specific aim of the project is to create Citizen Resource Centres that will gradually develop into a common European citizen’s centre.They will have the characteristics of a civic resource center on European matters, assisting the process of civic capacity building for effective participation in the European policy-making process. WoMentor together with partners from Bulgaria, Latvia, Romania, Greece, Italy and Slovenia will establish virtual (web) and real (in partners office) resource centres, which will provide up-to-date information on the Program, and services on various civic engagement mechanisms (training, funding, partnership). 

Submitted Project proposals and Partnership agreements 

 WoMentor submitted 2 applications for The European Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations Awards: Social entrepreneurship and Life Story Challenge. The reasons behind these applications were the need to recognize and reward the efforts sustained by the WoMentor members. We strongly believe that trough our actions and projects we are driving social change and strengthening solidarity between generations, spreading positive examples and models of social entrepreneurship.
Contribution with an article about WoMentor’s approach of Mentoring for the development of a “Guidebook on Young Women Mentoring in Europe”. The project aims at raising awareness among women on women rights, through creating a life-long peer learning process from woman to woman.
WoMentor will take part at the Launch Event which will be held on 11th December 2012 in Brussels Belgium, an event realized in cooperation with the European Youth Forum and the International Young Women Partnership. 
YES- Young Entrepreneurs Start – This project aims to promote and support the development of sustainable, ethical entrepreneurship - an important European topic. The project will include a 6 month mentoring cycle to carry through youth initiated sustainable entrepreneurship activities The work programme will address target groups of a wide scope from various parts of Europe. This will provide a similar and common understanding of concepts concerning mentoring, self- evaluation and self- assertion, ways of participation, understanding of gender discrimination, essence of a good teamwork and co-operation, sustainable entrepreneurship
EP for Young Women - A democracy project with main focus on raising awareness and sharing information about European Parliament elections in 2014 and gender issues among young women. The project activities will create an open environment for discussion and dialogue between young women and policy makers. As a project result, young women participating in this project will present a list of claims to national parties and politicians about their needs and wishes for European Parliament candidates- so that the list could be considered in developing the election platforms for European Parliament 2014
Gender equality through EVS - An initiative realized in cooperation with 3 sending partners from Germany, Spain and Ukraine. The project aims to explore and exchange practices in the field of gender equality, to promote principles and policies of equal opportunities and to promote social change by supporting young girls to improve their skills and to gain knowledge at a professional level, in this way increasing their chances in the employment fields.

Grant application to Land Steiermark and to Stadt Graz, Austria - Asking for operating support for 2013. 

WE:MENTOR - Women Educators in Mentoring
Duration: August 2010- July 2012 
Participants: Austria, UK, Germany, Romania and Greece 
The project WE:MENTOR brought together experienced programme co-ordinators and less experienced co-ordinators of mentoring programmes (particularly focused on women) together in order to share knowledge and best practice in order to increase the potential quality of programmes provided for both mentors and mentees. 
Workshops in Germany, Romania, UK and Greece 
Dear partners thank you for your contributions on the final report and for the efforts and involvement you have shown throughout the project. It was a great pleasure working together.
You are invited to use the EST European Shared Treasure Database for Lifelong Learning Programme Grundtvig to find out more information about the results and outcomes of the project and to visit the project website for details and pictures from the workshops . , 

Future plans 

International NPO Management and Mentoring Course 
This course will provide an introduction to concepts and skills needed to effectively manage projects and mentoring programs in international NPOs. Through simulations, case studies, sharing experience, discussion and practical work, the course will explore several organisational management challenges facing international NPOs. 
The focus of the training courses is on gaining a thorough understanding of key concepts of International NPO management and mentoring, sharpening practical skills and developing strategies that participants can immediately use in their work. We address real-life problems in a participatory and interactive learning environment to help participants enhance their international management capacity. 
The course duration will be 12 weeks (3 months) and will include 2 Units with 6 modules each. The topics covered by the modules will include : NPO leadership and Governance; Mission and Strategy; Mobilising and managing financially - resources and sustainability, Fundraising; Marketing and PR- fundraising needs and budget lines, International Rights and Law: The Freedom of Association, ICT and Social media, Intercultural learning and International work environment. 
Target Group: (8 - 12 participants in one module) NPOs working or wanting to work at international 
level, NPOs with international team members, International project and program writers and managers, 
International mentors. Study language: English (Business English). Venue: Graz, Austria. 
The concept of the International course is not finalized yet. For any questions, feedback or anything you would consider relevant for this topic please do not hesitate to contact us and share your opinion. 
We encourage all members of WoMentor to contribute with ideas, proposals and suggestions regarding the concept or themes and to be directly involved in this project. 

Former EVS volunteers Supporting Network 
We plan to develop and to establish a network of former EVS volunteers hosted by WoMentor, in order to create the appropriate context in which they can apply what they have learned, use and enhance the value of the experience acquired during their voluntary service in order to support WoMentor in future actions 
If you are interested in joining EVS projects, as Host or Sending organisation or to create new projects together please let us know. Also, we can provide more information and offer suggestions and advice on how to get the accreditation for EVS. 
To strengthen the relationships with the local community 
We are planning a series of presentations and meetings with the local NGOs from Graz. 
The purposes of the meetings are: to promote our activities, projects and the benefits of being a member in WoMentor and to establish a stronger connection with the local community and other NGOs. 
General Assembly 
The most recent General Assembly was held on 22th to 23th June 2012 in Athens, Greece. 
Presentation of WoMentor ´s activities for the last 4 years. 
2 application to join the WoMentor Federation : The Latvian Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences and The Austrian National Youth Council 
The election of the new board. 
Discussions about membership types, fee and project writing fees 
Two new members joined our Federation: The Latvian Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences and The Austrian National Youth Council. 

The new Board for the next 4 years is formed by
Gerlinde Hacker, Austria (President) from ProjectOffice, Austria - 
Betty Rouni , (Treasurer) from EDEM, Greece - 
Astrid Mats, from Öökull, Estonia - 
Alina Vlasa, from CENTRAS Constanta, Romania - 
Baiba Rivza, from Zonta International Jelgava Club, Latvia - 
For more information and photos from the General Assembly held in Greece please visit our website: 

WoMentor offers 
Possibility to be part of the European Network 
Be our project partners 
Exchange of good practise 
Be our research partners 
Benefit from our lobbying and PR-activities 
Get contact with mentors, mentees, trainers, coaches 
Counselling about Project Management and writing project proposals 
Support systems for girls and women at the local, national and international level 

Dear Member of WoMentor, We appreciate your support, and look forward to continuing our collaboration. To keep informed please subscribe to our newsletter and news feed. 

For further information about the projects or WoMentor´s activities please visit: 

Our website at 
Our project website at 
Our Facebook pages: Wo Mentor or We Mentor 
Follow us on Twitter : or 
Find us on LinkedIn : 
Our EVS volunteer blog : 
If you have additional questions do not hesitate to write to: 
Gerlinde Hacker: 
Astrid Mats: 
Alina Vlasa 

Kind Regards

Gerlinde Hacker, President

Project „European Civil Resource Centres „ was approved!

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Project „European Civil Resource Centres „ was approved!

Duration: 01/01/2013-22/12/2013


IDA Network, Bulgaria -applicant

European Federation of Mentoring for Girls and Women, Austria

Biedrība „Solis Tuvāk”, Latvia

Društvo za razvoj podeželja LAZ, Slovenia

Asociatia pentru Educatie Permanenta in Mediul Rural, Romania

FONDACA – Active Citizenship Foundation, Italy


Main aim:

The goal of the project is to foster the development of a stimulating environment for increased citizen participation on the national and European level through improved citizen organizations' capacity and the establishment of effective civil society infrastructures. The specific aim of the project is to create Citizen Resource Centers that will gradually develop into a common European citizen’s centre. They will have the characteristics of a civic resource centre on European matters, assisting the process of civic capacity building for effective participation in the European policy-making process.


The ACTION foresees 7 steps, having impact both at the local and at the European level. Following the partnership building phase, the process is planned as follows:

1. Training Course for citizen moderators

The training will be split into two phases:1) 2days will be focused on training and providing participants with the necessary and relevant information (methodical instructions), knowledge, skills and competencies to act as citizen moderators at the local level;2) the 3rd day will be focused onthe construction,management and operation ofcivil societyresource centers.

2. Setting-up of the 7 national and 1 European resources centres

At the local level, each partner, in strict cooperation with the moderators trained at the beginning of the project, will promote a process aiming at setting-up the national virtual (web) and real resource centres . Some of the activities of the resources centres: creation of a web site, creation of national networks - min. 100 organisations per country, workshops, presentations of the Programme, technical and resource help, intercultural activities, etc.

3. Local Workshops promoted by the resource centers

The local workshops aim at providing for the activity of the civic resource centres (virtual and real) and the popularization of the “EFC” Program. Schedule of the trainings: Day 1: Presentation of the activity of the resource centres and the “Europe for Citizens” Program; Organizational development; Day 2: Management of the project cycle, good practices and management under "EFC" programme; Day 3: Opinion building (recommendations) and interaction with local and regional decision makers.  4. International meeting for citizens’ centres; 

4. 7 Open Days of the European citizen

7 open info days (1 per Country) about relevant topics for European citizens (Europe for Citizens programme, the Lisbon Treaty, EU Parliament elections in 2014, 2013 -the  European year of citizen, etc.).The aim of the info day is to stimulate a debate on issues deemed important by ordinary citizens and promoting integration and cooperation of all citizens at the local level. Methods:workshops, debates, informative sessions.

5. International meeting:

The conference will summarize all ideas and suggestions, generated throughout the local activities. 4 days: Day 1: Presentation and popularization of EFC 2014-2020:  the concept of the European Citizenship and Participation; knowledge of the EfC program. Day 2: Presentation of the activity of the resource centers established; good practices in regard to the EFC. Day 3: New ideas for prospective EFC program projects; strategies. Day 4: Network and partnerships; multiplication of the resource centers; Format: thematic seminars and round tables

6. Production Phase online and follow -up

Production Phase:it aims at finalizing the results, disseminating the output and give recommendations for the development of the resource centers and national networks. It envisages the establishment of several international teams that will work on various issues related to the multiplication of the project. Online work methods will be employed: the establishment of a web site (e-centers) for sharing, exchange of information, data, projects, programs, strategies.  Format: online

7 Evaluation and follow-up.


Project is funded by :



Action 1 - Active Citizens for Europe

Measure 2 – Citizens' projects and support measures

General Assembly on 23rd of June 2012 in Athens, Greece

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General Assembly of WoMentor -

European Federation of Mentoring for Girls and Women


Invitation to 2nd General Assembly of WoMentor on 23rd June 2012 in Greece, Athens

Time: 23rd June 9:00 – 16:30

Place: Technical Chamber of Greece, 4 Nikis Street, Syntagma square, Athens 10248, GREECE (7th floor)

Dear Member of European Federation of Mentoring for Girls and Women

It has been 4 years since the last General Assembly in 2008 in Graz, Austria. The 2nd General Assembly is scheduled to take place on 23rd June 2012 in Greece, Athens

Topics  9:00 – 11:00

„  Presentation of WoMentor ´s activities for the last 4 years: Gerlinde Hacker

„  WoMentor in Social Media: Astrid Mats,

„  Mentoring in Greece: new term but ... already in the Market: Betty Rouni

„  Mentoring as a provision for Latvia rural women entrepreneurship: Baiba Rivza

„  New Members

„  Report of the auditor - Ruth Seipel, Brigitte Probst - Rädler

„  Release the Board from Responsibility

Coffee break  11:00 – 11:30

Topics  11:30 – 13:30

„  Presentation of the new Board Members

„  Proposed activities for the future

„  Election of the new board for the next 4 years

„  Membership fee and rights of members

Lunch  13:30 – 14:30

Topics  14:30 – 16:30


„  Workshops for future cooperation


All active members have the possibility to apply to the Board or participate and vote through Skype!


Those who are participating and coming to Athens please:

-          Notify us at how many people are coming and what times/dates by 31. May 2012

Those who want to participate via Skype please:

-          Notify us at and send your Skype name by 31. May 2012

Those who cannot participate please:

-          Notify us at by 31. May 2012

Those who want to apply for the Board please:

-          Notify us at by 31. May 2012

-          Write a short description what could be your responsibility area as Member of Board by 31. May 2012



If you have additional questions do not hesitate to write to:


Astrid Mats: or

Gerlinde Hacker:


Kind Regards

Gerlinde Hacker, President 

Astrid Mats, Board Member






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