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Read about Astrid and Alina visiting local communities and promoting WoMentor

posted Nov 20, 2012, 4:59 AM by Astrid Mats

Meeting local organisations in Graz, Austria

Last 2 months have been really rich in this field as I have had in total 5 different meetings/events and loved everyone of the. I will give a short overview where I have been and what I have been up to :)

1. Wiki Grünanger Opening Festival 19.10

Definetly one of my favourite events in that month. This made me alive. Chaos , young people , communicating. Oh, that is living I tell you ...
I was there as a volunteer, helping Marina (youth worker there). So I was responsible to set things up and most of the times were making different coctails for youth and speaking with them .. in GERMAN.
"Sehr toll" (Very cool/fun) I would say about that :).Weather was perfect, I loved working together with Marina and youngsters were also very open to speak to me and ignore my bad German.

2. Meeting with Graz Youth Centers 25.10

This is something that happens just once in month and we really didn´t know what to expect so we just went there and see from the spot how it will go. I was so happy that we at least new the staff of the Girls Center and Wiki Grünanger we knew Marina. So there were about 35 people from youth field there. Everybody did their introduction (others in German and we in English). One participant was also from City Graz Department of Open Children and Youth Work. I loved the atmosphere there . Reminded me a lot of Estonian Youth workers meetings and suddenly I missed that feeling a lot. Meeting people from the same field and knowing these people already, talking with them and just having some laughs. Oeh , jes - I do miss doing practical Youth Work quite quite much. I cannot be all that I am when I cant work as a youth worker.

3. International evening in Girls Center Mafalda "Jam" 8.11

Me and Alina went there to cook international food with the girls and also just talk with the staff and youngsters and get to know them. For my surprise most of the girls spoke English. Many of them are not originally from Austria, but all of them could speak German. Alina was fortunate enough to find some girls who spoke Romanian - no estonian speakers for me unfortunatly :) The evening was really nice- food came out good and also girls where curious and openminded. So fun times :)
Moorapallid (Estonian)

Meat-Vegetable Salat (Romania)

 More information about Girls Center "Jam" :

4. Participating in LifeLong Learning information seminar 19.11

We went to a information seminar where they introduced LifeLong Learning programm and other possibilities- we were mostly interested in Grundvig learning partnership as we want to develop a project in that area. I have to say it was quite a challenge as it was in German and not with a easy vocabulary , so I have to admit I understood only 20 % of it. Fortunatly one part of it was also individual councelling and there we could speak English and communivate with the national agency coordinators directly.

More information about the Program:

5. Visiting Womens Healt Center "Frauengesuntheitszentrum" 20.11

We met Mag.a Veronika Graber , whose topics in center are Girls Healt in Styria and eating disorders, body norms and beauty ideals. We did a short presentation of our activities and EVS and she intriduced her work and the center. We also discussed future cooperation possibilities.

More information about them :