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Sharing Experience Workshop organised in Constantza, Romania:

posted May 30, 2011, 1:09 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jun 15, 2011, 4:28 PM by Astrid Mats ]

Organiser: CENTRAS Constantza

Date: 1-4 June 2011

Place: Constantza, Romania


"Volunteer Mentoring as an Efficient and Effective Adult Learning Strategy -  Lessons Learned and Best Practice from the Romanian Experience

The workshop is a mobility action organised by CENTRAS Constantza within the Grundtvig Partnership Programme which involves staff, organisations and learners from Romania, Austria, UK, Estonia, Greece and Germany.

The goal of this workshop is to promote volunteer mentoring  as an efficient and effective adult learning strategy. The seminar will present the mentoring approach of CENTRAS by using young volunteer mentors, and will point out the differences and similarities between the mentoring system used by CENTRAS and other mentoring systems and practices. It is expected that the planned results and outcomes of the Romanian workshop (disseminated to the other project partners) will contribute to the project in the following way:

Impacts on the  learners:

-  Increasing the exposure to experts in the field of mentoring and expanding the personal and professional networks;

-  Increasing the confidence that their experiences can provide learning opportunities for others (others can learn from their experiences).

Impacts on the staff of the partner organisations:

-   Increasing the access to professional networks in the field of mentoring and personal development;

-   Accelerating the learning process by coming in contact with experts in the field who can teach „short-cuts“ to update the professional knowledge about mentoring programmes and how to apply them for women;

-   Diminishing the flaws and gaps in the knowledge of the trainers/coordinators and finding ways to solve these gaps by implementing  future projects and ideas;

-   Broadening the knowledge about mentoring approaches and methods that are effective for various target groups of women, countries and cultures.

 15 participants from the partner countries and CENTRAS’ staff and learners may take advantage of this opportunity in order to meet inspiring people (mentors) and discuss with them personally, to understand the expectations and motivations of our mentors/mentees and the possible similarities and differences to comparable  institutions in their countries as well as the peculiarities and difficulties of the Romanian social work.

We hope that the participants will have enough free time and opportunities to become acquainted to our culture which is an important value added objective of the Grundtvig Programme.



Hotel Comandor, at the Romanian Black Sea Shore. (

Contact person:

Ionica Bucur

Mobile Phone: 0040-744-332683