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Association Filia

About this Organisation

The name on its own means in Antient Greek “LOVE” and it should do justice to the programmeme filling of our association, which we couln´t really do without true love. We work in the humanitarian field and we are registered at MV ČR under the number II/S-OS/1-24212/94-R, 1994-8-4 as nonstate, non-profit making and nonchurch civil association. The subject of our activity is prescribed by the statute (its right wording you can verify in the supplement), as the appropriation of the IČO (INO) and permission of public subscription. The association has five regular members and variable base of assistants and employees.

The seat of our association is the office in Kamenná čtvrť 111 (this office is provided by the association member K. Tůma free of charge), in the district Brno – centre. This area is interesting in a many of ways, and urban- specific.


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