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We are an organization which gathers well-educated individuals who conform social rules and disciplines on the level of region, sport and culture. Our organization guides the young in our region to help them gain a prestige in the society as a content and lively individual and it organizes different kinds of sports events and cultural activities to fill their free time. Moreover our organization plays an important role in the region as an authority to choose talented young people and to guide them on the road to success. Our non-profit organization not only imposes the idea about different cultures can live together in one society but also it shows the importance of the awareness of being a European which is our most important aim. In addition to these, our organization gives language courses to enable young people to communicate with other European people more easily, which will increase their awareness of being a European citizen.
  • Inequality in prices 
  • Sexual abuse 
  • Unfamiliarity with women in the field 
  • Unsuitable working conditions of women
Long work hours 
Night shifts 
Psycially demanding jobs
Child care during working hours 
Shortage of schools and classrooms;

Schools are often situated far from home and many parents do not want their children, especially girls, to travel far; 
Parents do not want to send children to schools that are in a poor physical state with no toilets or running water; 
Many families suffer economic hardship; 
The traditional gender bias of families favours the needs of men and boys over those of women and girls; 
The need to augment domestic income by keeping children at home to work; 
Many parents consider the early marriage of their girls to be more important than their education; 
Female role models in rural communities are scarce -- or entirely absent; 
Opportunities for secondary education are rare, discouraging interest at primary level. 
Education of families: Parents need support, they should gain awareness for how to be “good parents”. There are “parental education courses”; these courses are getting rather common, the aim is to achieve healthy youth, in physical and psychological sense. 
Economic wealth, because it leads to self confidence; this needs vocational support and training; and it needs suitable jobs; many jobs are difficult to be done by women, e.g. in factories it is quite common that there are sexual attacks at the workplace; 
Awareness of the whole society; awareness that girls and young women can do anything, if they are guided and educated well. 
Cooperation / solidarity between women: Support from females to females, also in families e.g. 
Promotion to avoid sexual abuse; women should feel themselves as individuals and not as sexual objects 
Political level: there is necessity for support and sustainable development for economic wealth and power (“don’t give them fish but teach them fishing”) 
Self awareness of own abilities: women should know that the are able to do and bear as much as men; can be achieved by role models and gain self confidence 
Importance of Fathership : Fathers should be giving attention and fatherly love to girls to give them good examples of partnerhsip and prevent them from wrong decisions in partner choice (i.e. finding a “fatherly” man who gives the missed love. 


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