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Mentoring activities

1.      British Council Romania transfers its experience in the field of mentoring towards states from Central and South Asia, within the ETEE seminar organized in Sinaia, 2015 of November 2008.   

Since the project implemented by the British Council in 1994, the mentoring program in Romania was extended  each  year, new Mentors participating in the training course organized by the in cooperation with  ASMERO Association and Bucharest University.

Nowadays, the program is becoming more and more attractive to teachers from countries where mentoring is not yet implemented, and The British Council Romania is the expertise provider in this field.  The project called English for Teachers, Teachers for English (ETTE), which is a regional project of The British Council – Central and South Asia, was held in Sinaia, in 2-15 of November, in order to train mentors for teachers that are teaching English in seven different Asian countries.

During a two weeks training course, two Romanian teachers and one British teacher trained 22 teachers from Iran, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan that will be mentors for other teachers in their countries.

Initially, the British Council  training programs  for mentors were exclusively dedicated to English teachers, but later on, the training have reached other teachers groups: hundreds of Romanian teachers were trained as mentors and the 10 years of  the Romanian experience in this field become a model for other countries that want to implement the mentoring system. We have chosen Romania to host this seminar because here the ment oring system is functional and it has 10 years of success stories, and other teachers, besides the English teachers, follow the mentoring training courses. The important expertise of the Romanian mentoring teachers, as well as the opportunity to offer to participants a new cultural experience, were the main elements in order to decide this location’’, Natalia Tsarikova – manager of the British Council Uzbekistan sed.

The ministry of education in Uzbekistan, Bachtyor Daniyarov, joined the Seminar in Sinaia, he participated in the training course, visited schools in Romania and met school directors, school inspectors and university teachers, in order to analyse the impact of the mentoring system in the Romanian education institutions.

He found the training curricula very well structured and even better than in other countries he visited in Europe, The Un ited States and Asia, and the mentoring system has a positive impact on the teaching delivery system. That’s why The Romanian mentoring model is good to be implemented in Uzbekistan with support from The British Council, said Bakhriyor Daniyarov.

In Romania, 3-4 mentoring training courses are organized each year Bucharest, Constantza, Cluj and Craiova, and ASMERO Association has at least 1600 trained members.  During the mentoring training courses, the teachers are experiencing new ways of thinking, new teachings models, methods and tools that may be helpful for their personal and professional development.


Bucharest, February – March 010

Registration starting with 24 of April 2010-07-03



-          AsMeRo/Mentors’ Association in Romania

-          Bucharest University

CERTIFICATION: certificate delivered by the British Council, AsMeRo and Bucharest University, based on the participation, internship stage (practice) in the mentoring field and participant portfolio.


Certified teacher (no matter the specialization)


-          Doina Fleanta

-          Ada Bena

-          Elena Gardescu


-          48 hours workshops (6 day, 8 hours each)

-          Schedule:

o        May 14th and May 21st: h14.00 – 19.00

o        May 15th, 16th and 22nd: h9.00 – 13.00



Starting with April 24th, 2010-07-03

Registration documents:

-          Recommendation (see the letter for participants – the signed recommendation must be presented at the registration desk)

-          The introductory questionnaire filled in (it may be sent to Monica Ralea by email)

-          Participation fee (RON 700) paid at the British Council Library, from Tuesday to Friday, h 12.00-19.30, and Saturday, h 9.00-13.00


Monica Ralea

Project Manager

British Council, Calea Dorobantilor 14

Bucharest 010572, Romania

Tel: +40 21 307 9600begin _of_the_skype:highlighting +40 21 307 9600 end_of_the_skype_highlighting(reception); 307 9642 (direct line)

Fax: +40 21 307 9601; 307 9602


3.      Top Class – Training and mentoring for entrepreneurs in the Bucharest-Ilfov Region, March 2010

Education Centre for Economics and Development (CEED Romania) and American Chamber of Commerce in Romania (AmCham Romania) started the implementation of the project called ‚Top Class - Training and mentoring for entrepreneurs in the Bucharest-Ilfov Region, March 2010’, co financed by the \European Union, targeting starters in the business field, or other that wants to know more about the business management and development.

The project started in November 2009 and about 160 participants were involved in its training activities: Management, networking, and mentoring for the business development. Concepts and practice, and good practice models were transferred to participants by the experienced managers involved in the project mentoring and networking activities.

Two training sessions take place each month, but participants may choose one or several short training courses that will be organised during the further period of time. The training content will be adapted to the participants needs to improve the management competences: strategic management, communication management, financial management, management of the foreign financing programs, human resource management, marketing or starting a small business.

Besides the training courses, networking events (networking learning events) will involve the mentors of the project. Participation in the networking events or the mentoring activities is not conditioned by the participation in the training sessions.

The Top Class Project, co financed by the European Social Fund in the frame of POSDRU Program, is addressing the entrepreneurial and management competences of managers and employees in the region, in order to increase the entrepreneurial behaviour and the existing companies development as well.

Participants from Bucharest-Ilfov Region are welcomed, existing or/and potential future entrepreneurs who want to know more about opportunities, efficient methods in order to create and manage their own business, as well as managers and employees who need a better understanding of the European practice in the business management field.

The project is implemented by the Education Centre for Economics and Development in Romania (CEED Romania) – certified training provider with a long experience in the training field, as main partner, and The American Chamber of Commerce in Romania (AmCham Romania) – professional association in the business sector that is representing at least 300 American companies, both international and local.

Participation is free of charge. The Top Class Project is co financed by The European Union through the European Social Fund – AMPOSDRU.

Contact data:

CEED Foundation Romania

021 3`13 4292

Contact person:

Cristian Manescu, Project Manager

4.      Training module: ‚Mentoring in SEV’

We have the pleasure to invite you to participate in the training module entitled ‚Mentoring in SEV’, that will be held in Sinaia in 22-24 of March, 2010.

This call for participants is addressed to:

-          Volunteers’ mentors within the TiA – SEV program who want to know more about the concept and to improve the quality of the mentoring process in Romania

-          People interested to get involved as mentors in future European volunteering activities financed by ANPCDEFP or other national agencies

Goal of the training module:

-          Developing the mentors competences in order to support volunteers in the SEV – TiA program

Content of the training module:

-          Mentoring concept in the European Volunteering Service

-          Development of the mentors’ competences needed to support volunteers within SEV-Tia program

Objectives of the training module:

1.      Developing the participants communication and networking skills with the relevant actors in SEV – volunteers, host NGOs

2.      Raising participants awareness regarding the mentors’  role and responsibilities in SEV; make clear the competences, ethics code, confidentiality ...)

3.      Transferring working methods and techniques, and procedures that are specific to mentoring in SEV

4.      Developing skills in the field of processes management: building up the group, risk and crisis management, conflict management, mediation, counselling and support, facilitation of learning process

Condition for participation

-          Send the registration form fully filled in till March 15th, 21010 – email address:

-          Assume the participation in all training sessions – 3 days