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Greek Women´s Engineering Association

About this Organisation

Greek Women's Engineering Association (EDEM) was funded in 1995.

EDEM's members are qualified Greek women engineers (members of the Technical Chamber of Greece). Female students of the Technical Universities of Greek can be 'baby members' of EDEM and become full members when they graduate. EDEM has approximately 1500 active members.

Members of EDEM can be Full members, Baby members, Members of Honor

  • Full members can be women qualified engineers (members of Technical Chamber of Greece).
  • Members to be can be female students of Higher Engineering Schools.
  • Members of Honor can be nominated by the Board women and men who have support highly EDEM to fulfill its aims and they are distinguished personalities in science or society.

EDEM's  purposes include among others:

  • Promoting the principals and create provisions for equality between women and men in employment, education and society in general.
  • Doing research into problems concerning women engineers and subsequently, seeking solutions.
  • Co-operating with other organisations (both abroad and in Greece), which are involved in similar issues.
  • Improve terms and conditions for women practising engineering as a profession.
  • Encouraging community awareness on employment opportunities for women in the traditionally male dominated profession of engineering.
  • Developing an information unit to support women engineers concerning employment opportunities in the labour market, according to specialised qualifications, training and their professional experience. This will be related to training and development programs aimed at enhancing women engineers' chances of employment.
  • Encouraging and promoting activities of women engineers beyond their professional sphere. These can include: artistic creation, cultural activities and improvement of quality of life in general.

 International Relations

EDEM has an active participation in networks & associations which promote gender equality policies in Europe:

·         WiTEC - European Association for Women in Science, Engineering &Technology (

·         WOMENTOR - European Federation of Mentoring of Women & Girls (

       The President of EDEM, Panagiota Rouni is member of the BoD of WOMENTOR.

·         EPWS  - European Platform of Women Scientists (

       EDEM is a member of EPWS since its foundation in 2007 and participates in the General Meetings.


EDEM also has an active collaboration with institutions and associations from abroad:

·         ARVHA, Association pour la Recherche sur la ville et l’Habitat (France).

ARVHA participated with works of French female architects in the exposition for the promotion of the scientific work of women engineers organized by EDEM in the framework of the project OCCUPATION SUPPORT ACTIONS WITH ACTIVE PARTICIPATION OF NGOS’ in 2008.

·         RIBA, Royal Institute of British Architects (UK).

RIBA participated with works of English female architects in the exposition for the promotion of the scientific work of women engineers organized by EDEM in the framework of the project OCCUPATION SUPPORT ACTIONS WITH ACTIVE PARTICIPATION OF NGOS’ in 2008.

·         VDI-Fib,Verein Deutscher Ingenieure-VDI and specifically with Frauen im Ingenieurberuf -FIB (

·         WFEO-WIE, World Federation of Engineering organizations-Standing Committee on Women in Engineering (

EDEM had realized the following european/national projects:

·         GRUNDTVIG ‘Women Educator in Mentoring-We:Mentor’ (2010-2012).

European Lifelong learning project with transnational mobility actions (in progress).

·         WOMENTOR ΙΙ, ‘Training and Networking’ (2009-2010).

Under the framework of the project, a guide of ‘best practices’ of mentoring for girls and women was completed in english.

·         WOMENTOR ΙEuropean Federation of Mentors for Girls and Young women’ (2008).

Aim of the project is to establish and facilitate communication between associations, mentors for girls and women and institutions of the participating countries,  promote the exchange of opinions in terms of different approaches and experiences on this issue and implement the structure to create a network of 'experts' to deal with the subject of ‘mentoring for young and older women’.


Under the framework of the project, EDEM organized an exposition for the promotion of the scientific work of women engineers and published a book titled 'Woman Engineer' presenting the work of women engineers from various disciplines.

·         Equal Opportunities - Equal Chances ‘Global Interventions on behalf of Women’ (2005-2008).
EDEM participated with dissemination activities and awareness campaigns to companies to provide employment opportunities to women who participated in the program.

·         WOMENG 'Creating cultures of success for women engineers', (Website), (2004-2005).

Aim of the project was to identify and compare individual, educational and socio-political factors in seven European countries that affect the choice of girls and boys to study engineering.

·         Tackling StereotypesΜaximizing the potential of women in SET’, (Website), (2004-2006).

This project involved actions to prevent stereotypes against women in the technical sciences at university and industry fields. Under the framework of the project, cases of stereotypes were collected and good practices were identified to face them.

·         PREFACE ‘Preparing Female Students for Academic Entrepreneurship’, (Website), (2003-2005).

Aim of the project was to enhance and support female students in higher education institutions to choose the entrepreneurial activity in the fields of science, engineering and technology.

·         EQUAL ΙNew employment opportunities with a higher quality of work life’, (2002-2005).

EDEM carried out a study on the contribution of teleworking in the improvement of the quality of life of the modern employees, especially the women.

·         EQUAL ΙΙAdoption of mechanisms and programs for life learning from the SME's  - certification of educational parcels and recognition of acquired knowledge in the sectors of applications of information technology and technical professions’,(2005-2007).

EDEM developed a guide to sensitize business on equal opportunities.

·         ALTENERWomen and Renewable Energy Sources - RES DISSEMINATION’, (2001-2002).

EDEM organized a 200-hour training seminar of women engineers on Renewable Energy Technologies and participated in the publication of a book titled ‘Renewable Energy Sources in buildings’.

·         INDECS ‘Potentials of Interdisciplinary Degree Courses in Engineering, Information Technology, Natural and Socio-Economic Sciences in a Changing Society’, (2001-2002).

EDEM collected and analyzed data from Greece.

·         MELLOW – LifelongMentoring of Women in and/or towards technical jobs (2000-2001).

A pilot mentoring project was carried out.

·         WINWomen In Network (1999-2001).

               A project to promote women in science and technology with the exchange of good practices.

·         ‘Promoting entrepreneurship and self-employment of women engineers’, (1998-2000).

EDEM organized a training seminar for unemployed women engineers in collaboration with the Training Institute of the Technical Chamber of Greece and set up an information office for women engineers in Chania and Kavala to raise awareness in terms of the professional advancement of women engineers.

·         Medium term Action program on Equal Opportunities between women and men (1996-2000).

EDEM organized a European conference titled “Women engineers against the challenges of employment and training’.

More about EDEM's contribution in  WOMENTOR II, Youth in Action 4.3 Trainings and networking: 

WOMENTOR II, Youth in Action 4.13 Training and networking

Aim of the 'European Federation of Mentors for girls and women'- WOMENTOR is to establish and facilitate the communication and contact between NGOs which are preoccupied with mentoring for girls & women as a tool for achieving equal opportunities. There are different concepts and practices for mentoring and WOMENTOR can support exchange of opinions about different views and methods practicing mentoring especially for girls and women. WOMENTOR should also organize a network of experts in mentoring for girls and women which will promote equal opportunities and no-discriminations in education and occupation. EDEM was of the funding members of WOMENTOR and has a representative in the Board.

In the frame of the project WOMENTOR II, the partners of the project have the opportunity to discuss methods, practices and experiences for implementation mentoring as a tool for equal opportunities and equality in education, work and society in genera, with respect of girls and women. The project had two workshop meetings, the 1st in Graz, October 2009 and the 2nd in Athens, April 2010.   

2nd Workshop, Athens, 15-18 April 2010

The 2nd meeting of the partners of the Project WOMENTOR II took place in Athens, 15-18 April 2010. The WOMENTOR II project was undertook by the Board members of the European Federation of Mentoring for girls and women. EDEM is one of the founding members of te Federation and is represented in the Board. Mentoring is discussed this period a lot in Greece because Ministry of Education has introduced mentoring concept in a new law. The meeting was hosted in Athens so local organizer of the meeting was EDEM. The meeting was hosted in the premises of the Panhellenic Association of Engineers Contractors of Public Works (PEDMEDE) ) in the centre of Athens. EDEM’s Board and EDEM’s secretariat made their best to organize a fruitful meeting with interesting social part and support the WOMENTOR partners.

The opening of the meeting was on Thursday 15th April 2010 and the General Secretary of Equality Mrs. Maria Stratigaki was invited and gave the official opening of the meeting, presenting the concept of the government in equality issues. The WOMENTOR partners were also introduced to her and they represented their major initiatives. This first session continued with the presentation of psychological tools one of the partners (CENTRAS CONSTANTA) use for the mentor-mentee matching. It was very interesting experience as at the end all of us we were separated in mentors & mentees and practiced these tools.EDEM had opened this first session to students and young women who were interested in mentoring for women in sciences as an introduction  to the mentoring concept. 

 Friday, 16th and Saturday 17th April 2010 were dedicated to discussions to finalize the texts of the guidelines for Mentoring for girls & women. For this reason every partner presented his own methods and tools for the mentoring projects realized previously and also the conclusions (advantages-disadvantages-tips) from their experience.

On Sunday 18th April 2010, the future activities and collaboration between partners were discussed. EDEM’s collaboration with CENTRAS CONSTANTA from Romania was an example on how all partners can exchange their mentoring methods and experience.

In the Athens meeting also participated: EDEM’s Board member selected as experts, EDEM’s young members interesting in mentoring and representatives of other women associations and NGO’s.

EDEM would like to thank specially:

  • Mrs. Efi Kendrou, archaeologist and historian, ex. President of the Greek Women Scientists Association, who guided us in the new Acropolis Museum in Athens for free.
  • Mrs. Nicol Tsatsouli, Manager and funding member of DESMA, an association of Greek women managers, who offered her car and her driving skills for the visit in the Poseidon Temple at Sounio Cape.  

Although economic situation on Greece did not allow national support, EDEM succeeded to have the support of PEDMEDE, of members of EDEM and also from members of other women NGOs and succeeded to fulfill the social part of the event as it was scheduled.

We hope that our efforts to organize a fruitful and pleasant meeting were successful and WOMENTOR partners left Athens with mentoring guidelines in their PC’s and full of ideas for future projects.

 Article in about We:mentor Project so far (1st & 2nd Workshops)


P.Rouni, President.
E.Tritopoulou, V.President
V.Tsoukala, V.President
C.Chrysikopoulou, G.Secr.
N.Katsakiori, IR
A.Anastasopoulou, Treas.
A.Pouraimi, personnel


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