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Mentoring for Women Thinking of Setting up a Business

Inova worked with a regional group to provide mentoring support to local women who were thinking of setting up their own business. This included running a series of 'Enterprise Circles.'

Enterprise Circles match 4-5 women looking to set up in business with an experienced female entrepreneur as their mentor. The circles offer participants the opportunity to meet other women at a similar stage on the journey to self employment. Circle members identify areas that they would like to develop, and work towards their business goals with the support of fellow group members and their mentor.

Enterprise Circles can help participants to build their confidence as a businesswoman, gain a fresh perspective and new ideas for their business, and plan and achieve goals.

“I feel I will have the support from the group and mentor. I believe the group will provide me the motivation to set up my business”

“I enjoyed sharing information and feel spending time discussing business is excellent for goal setting”

“Very inspiring!”

“It was a new experience for me as well as I really enjoyed with great ideas and sharing information from all”