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Women@Business Mentoring Circles for Female Students

Inova Consultancy (UK) is a partner in the project women@business, funded by European Commission's DG Enterprise and Industry department. Women@business aims to inspire and support young women to explore entrepreneurship as a career option.

As part of this project, Mentoring Circles are taking place in five European countries; UK, Estonia, Greece, Cyprus and Germany.

Mentoring circles consist of an innovative methodology developed by Inova Consultancy which combines the benefits gained from one to one mentoring with those from working with a group of peers (information and testimonials video on this blended learning methodology A combination of action learning, coaching and peer mentoring principles in Mentoring Circles provides mentees with a wider source of support and inspiration for idea generation and greater creativity in problem solving during business start up. Mentoring Circles will be carried out in women@business, utilizing various tools to assist young women to foster a greater spirit of entrepreneurship.

Mentoring Circles provide the opportunity for a small group of young women to meet with an experienced entrepreneur in a supportive setting. Using tools and resources, participants reflect and develop their soft skills, increasing their understanding of their strengths and values, to help them benefit their business start-up.

Feedback from participants is very positive, with the young women saying that:

"I was thoroughly motivated and inspired",

"The circle has already given me confidence in myself and my business ideas"

"I had a great time at today's mentoring circle."

For more information about women@business, visit the website here.