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NGO Öökull

Children and Youth Center Öökull                                                                                                                                                                        

About this Organisation

NGO Öökull provides an integrated youth work package to the youngsters: youth camps, trainings, therapy and self-help groups, international cooperation projects and youth exchanges, campaigns and rehabilitation services. In the activities annually participates about 500 youngsters. In projects runned by NGO Öökull are participating a lot of professionals in the field (professional psychologists, police officers, social workers, therapists . NGO Öökull is accredited European Voluntary Service organization. Majority of clients in NGO Öökull is considered to be a risk group youngsters, with a problematic social background.NGO Öökull is the member of European Federation of Mentoring for Girls and Women and has partner organization in about 20 European countries. At national level the NGO Öökull is one of the founder members of Estonian Open Youth Centers Association( 42 members with 68 youth centers in total).

Family work - Purpose:

  • To introduce and increase families knowledge in different fields of life with the purpose to make their life-managing methods more efficient
  • Help to gain, develop and implement skills connected to solving social and psychological problems with the purpose to help the families to find different effective possibilities how to deal with difficulties
  • Offer families support against the negative effects of economic crisis
  • To teach families the basic principles of teamwork and help them understand that well-managing family is as one team, who is acting for the common goal and where each member contributes according to their skills and abilities.
  • To help families to reach necessary information about social services offered by The City Tartu (trainings, counseling employment etc)
  • To offer psychological and social counseling
  • To develop cooperation between schools social-pedagogy practitioners and psychologies, cities child protection workers and other specialist
  • To give families the feeling of success
  • To organize family-days (to increase the bond between the parent and the cild)

Annelinna Laste- ja Noortekeskus

Kambja Youth Center



Astrid Mats
Ljudmilla Atškasov
Ly Brikkel
Helina Mats


Kaunase pst 22, Tartu 
Kesk 8, Kambja