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People to People International- Chapter Plovdiv

About this Organisation

The 12 problematic areas in the action platform in Bulgaria 
  • The constant and increasing burden of poverty on women; 
  • Inequality and discrepancy in the process of education and the access to it; 
  • Inequality and discrepancy in the access to healthcare and all its services; 
  • Violence against women; 
  • Consequences of military operations and hostilities on women including those living under occupation; 
  • Inequality in all economical structures and politics, in all forms of industrial production and resources; 
  • Statistical data for the country from 2002 show that there were 449 divorce cases primarily due to physical and psychological abuse. Of these, 371 were acts of men, 15 of women, and 22 of both spouses. Such abuse is one of the main reasons for divorce, after mutual consent and incompatibility of temperament, bearing in mind that domestic violence also exists in cases considered under other causes for divorce. In addition, divorce has been decided 4.4 times more often due to men’s fault than to women’s. 
  • Combining of professional and personal life 
  • Care of children that allows women to work; 
  • Care of other dependents; 
  • Shared family responsibility; 
  • Social protection and involvement 
  • Inclusion of the aspects of the sex in other areas and politics 
  • Women in education; 
  • Women in science; 
  • Women’s rights in the process of inclusion in EU; 
  • Development support; 
  • Violence and trafficking;


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