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Dare to Be Creative

The idea of the present training was born from the past years experience of hosting EVS volunteers by partners involved and understanding their roles and influences to local youth participation.
The 6-days advanced training course for EVS mentors “Dare to be creative” that will take place in Russia from 21-28 of April 2013 .  
We will invite 25 participants from 14 countries of European Union and EECA.
We see youth participation as a driving force leading to democratic and inclusive society where EVS volunteers and EVS mentors play an important role by bringing and sharing diverse experiences and moderating change transformation among local young people. In this sense EVS mentors are local bodies who supposed to know the local community needs and who in case if needed is able to facilitate the work of EVS Volunteer and local youth. In order to be able to do that EVS mentor should be trained and should be aware about youth  issues and youth involvement in the local community. However majority of  EVS volunteers by this or that mean work with local young people and very often “help them” by supporting some leisure activities or doing something else, why then we don’t look at this process more strategically and don’t try to bring youth encouragement and youth involvement into the process of youth work of EVS volunteer and EVS mentor?
With this training we aim to support this process and to strengthen youth participation of young people from rural areas and disadvantage background through EVS projects by encouraging EVS mentors and providing them with a set of techniques to  support EVS volunteer’s learning process, integration to the local community and mediation youth work if needed.