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European Civil Resource Centers

European Federation of Mentoring for Girls and Women, Austria 
IDA Network, Bulgaria 
Biedrība „Solis Tuvāk”, Latvia 
Društvo za razvoj podeželja LAZ, Slovenia 
Butterfly dreamer, Romania 
ALDA, Italy 

I. Aims:

The goal of the project was to foster the development of a  stimulating environment for increased citizen participation on the national and European level through improved  citizen organizations' capacity and the establishment of effective civil society infrastructures.The specific aim of the project was to create Citizen Resource Centres that will gradually develop into a common European citizen’s centre.They have the characteristics of a civic resource center on European matters, assisting the process of civic capacity building for effective participation in the European policy-making process.

II. Objectives:

                 Motivated and supported the NGOs and local authorities with regard to planning and strategic management of the project cycle of the “Europe for Citizens” Program;

                 Supported the developed Europe-centered profile of functioning resource centers in the 7 EU countries in terms of resources, experience and knowledge, and build synergy among them;

                 Established and developed the capacity (knowledge and skills) of citizens, so that they are capable of actively participating in the policy-making;

                 Development of long-terms partnership between the different stakeholders (NGOs, local authorities, research centers) and enhancement of their knowledge of their importance as active civil moderators for the Program;

                 Promotion of inter-cultural dialogue and European values, such as democracy, active civil society, citizenship, through the application of interactive innovative methods to popularize of the Program. 

III. The ACTION foreseed 7 steps, having impact both at the local and at the European level. Following the partnership building phase, the process was planned as follows: 1. Training for citizen moderators; 2. Establishment of 7 national and 1 European citizen’s centres and networks; 3. Local workshops under EfC Programme;  4. International meeting for citizens’ centres;  5. Open days at the local level; 6. Production phase; 7 Evaluation and follow-up.

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