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Guidebook for Mentoring Young Women in Europe

"Concepts, terms and types of mentoring programmes" by Gerlinde Hacker - European Federation of Mentoring for Girls and Women (WoMentor)
Equal access and participation of women and girls in decision-making processes at all levels is not a reality in today’s Europe. Gender equality is not accomplished. Mentoring proved to be a tool for fostering empowerment of young women.

This Guidebook, developed in cooperation with the «International Young Women Partnership», with kind contributions from the «European Women’s Lobby», the «European Federation of Mentoring for Girls and Women», the «World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts», the «Danish Centre for Information on Gender, Equality and Diversity», «dieReiter», Theresa Philippi and financial support from the European Youth Forum, is a free online source, a tool to be used to set up  women mentoring projects or relationships.

In drawing upon established projects, programs and approaches, it gathers existing knowledge, puts it in relation and processes information in a user-friendly manner.  Every aspect of setting up a mentoring project or relationship is chronological dealt with in a separate chapter, closing with a checklist outlining the core items to be considered in every step.

Ultimately the Guidebook  shall contribute to the empowerment of young women in Europe.

Magdalena Kurz
Project Manager
Astrid Mats,
Jan 7, 2013, 3:44 AM